Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about file formats, printing procedures and other things? Here are the most frequently asked questions about our printing services:

1. How do I submit my printing requirements to Complete Print Services?

You can send us your data by e-mail at or by completing our contact form.

2. What format should my logos and information be in?

We accept the following formats (maximum 2mb):

  • doc
  • jpg
  • pdf
  • tiff
  • gif
  • png
  • psd

3. What resolution do I need for prints?

With posters or other large items we recommend a resolution of at least 300-600 dpi. If you are not sure, send us what you have.

4. Can I preview my order before it is printed?

As an extra convenience for our customers, we will forward you a proof of your prints before the final run.

5. I have a custom printing request.  Can you help? 

We’d be happy to help. Call us at 604-589-8672 or use our contact form.